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Deep-Dive (ish)

If there is something that I feel that I can share at a little more technical level, this is where it will be.

Active Directory, Aliases and Hostnames, OH MY!

Before I get into this, I need to set it up.

NOTE: Be prepared to reboot the VCSA a couple times… it takes forever for the web-client to initialize and seriously, that needs to stop VMware. Sub 20 second Web-Client Initialization… NEEDS to be in the next release. I think I speak for everyone when I say that the Web-Client is initializing page is old and needs to die. Anywho. back to the fixing.

We have our active directory domains and our DNS domains. They aren’t the same. We are using alias’s, as support loved to keep saying (I didn’t set it up but sure!) Keep Reading

Adding vCenters with the similar hostnames to the same Root AD Domain

If you add a Windows Server to a Domain, you have the option of preventing the Domain Controller from changing the servers hostname. The example is if I have, and I want to add it to my domain, during the process of registering the server, it will change the servers hostname to Not always ideal.

Whats worse is that since the VCSA is based on SUSE Linux, there is no checkbox the uncheck to prevent this during the PSC’s Join Domain functionality. Keep Reading

Client is not authenticated to VMware Inventory Service after VCSA Upgrade to 6

Had this issue today after upgrading from VCSA 5.5 U3 to 6.6 U1A.

How was the VCSA setup before?

  • DNS servers configured to Prod DNS
  • Time configured to AD servers (automatic when you join the domain from the VAMI)
  • AD configured


  • Logging into vCenter Server completes successfully with Administrator@vsphere.local
  • AD Users that used to authenticate with vCenter (even Admins) see the following error pop up: “Client is not authenticated to VMware Inventory Service – http://localhost:10080/invsvc”

After looking around, I didn’t see anything that pointed to a specific answer. Also to note, nothing related to vSphere or VCSA 6. A lot of items we found discussed that it was something that was fixed in 5.5 U2. Hmmm.. ok.


  • Since we were using AD for time server because 5.5 U3 VCSA made the AD server the time server, we had no NTP setup in the VAMI. Added the time server and moved on. Oddly for one of our servers, the DNS was missing as well, its odd, but even though it SHOWED the correct DNS servers, when I went to edit the network settings, it was set to automatic. Well that won’t do at all. Set them manually and moved on.

NOTE: Add the vCenter to the root domain if possible, or at least that is what I had to do. If you are adding more than one VCSA to the same domain, with very similar names, read this post as well.

  • Next, I removed any AD Identity sources and then left the domain.
    • If you are unfamiliar with how, first remove the Identity source from Administration > SSO> Configuration > Identity Sources.
    • Then leave the domain from Administration > Deployment > System Configuration > Nodes > {vCenter FQDN} > Manage > Active Directory.
    • Reboot the server after leaving the domain.
  • Once the VCSA comes back up, rejoin the domain:
    • Go back to¬†Administration > Deployment > System Configuration > Nodes > {vCenter FQDN} > Manage > Active Directory, join the domain again.
    • REBOOT! (I know this takes forever, I’m sorry.)
    • Go back to¬†Administration > SSO> Configuration > Identity Sources and add your AD identity source once again.
  • After this is complete, check your permissions and attempt logging in as an AD user.

This fixed it for us, but if you are having worse luck, let me know and I’ll try and work it out with you.