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August 2015

VMworld and posts to come

I may be relatively new to the virtualization game but I am honored to be sent to VMworld on behalf of my company. As my first time at VMworld, it’s going to be interesting, exhausting and from what I can tell, hard to keep up. I’ll be doing my best but I thought I could write my opinions about the products I see, sessions I’ve joined and experiences here. Due to my companies different approach to deployments and how we handle data, I think it will skew my judgement of products a bit. I’ll explain more later but it’s interesting how things like Disaster Recovery platforms don’t fall into a particularly useful part of my companies architecture and needs. It makes for fun conversation with vendors at least, when they realize that they products don’t actually suite all customers. To say the least, working in telecommunications, even in a small part makes architecture for virtualization quite a bit different.

I’ll be looking forward to partner exchange and a could telecom based sessions at VMworld as well as sessions on performance tuning and automation.

Just getting started…

I’ve written a couple things from time to time on my tumblr page. It’s not really where I wanted my infrequent blog to stay, and I already have a web hosting account, so here I am.

I think I want to make this into some sort of research journal or log about my journey through data center virtualization. I’ve got a long ways to go and much to learn but I really need to find the time to write.

I think the next post might cover how I got to where I am now, but I feel like I would have to be necessarily vague on points for the sake of my employment… Need to work on that.

I hope to turn this into something later on, but for now it’s an experiment. Really what I would love to do is bring more people into data center virtualization. Younger people like college students. This has been a tremendous career booster for me and I feel obligated to help others do the same. But that’s a blog post for another day.

So here is to starting this. I hope someone reads this and finds it useful (talking about future posts of course).